Available Fall 2018 (pre-order today)

SmartNX (Smart Nexus) is a powerful tool which collects just about any type of data you want directly off a machine’s CanBus or any other sensor. Some of the data it is capable of capturing today is Yield, Moisture, Header Width, Ac/Hr, Speed, Location, Fuel, Gear, Crop Type, RPM, and Heading. However, if you want any other data and know how to capture it, it can simply be added to the list. SmartNX can then send that data securely to the cloud, other machines, or user devices. While SmartNX is used in our AutoCart application to allow the combine and tractor to communicate it also can be installed on any machine in the field to capture and send data. If you are interested in using SmartNX for your own application or business please let us know and we will be happy to work with you.


  • On-Board Headless Display
  • Grain Cart Control JoyStick
  • Long Range Safety Stop
  • External Mount Antennas
  • Long Range WiFi
  • Long Range Mesh Network
  • Choice of Verizon or AT&T Cell Modem
  • Cab Mounting Hardware
  • Wiring Harnesses