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How it Works

We are accepting a limited number of AutoCart orders for the 2018 harvest season on a first come basis. Below you may fill out an intent to purchase form and select your level of interest. Signing up for either form also helps us prioritise which tractor brand and models our kit is compatible with. There are 2 levels of interest and they will affect how your order is prioritized by Smart Ag.

  • Standard Access
  • Early Access

Standard Access: Selecting standard access is the best way to ensure you get on our list to receive one of the first commercial systems sold in your area for your machine type. This is not a pre-order and will not require a deposit but will allow us to prioritize you and your tractor model as we release the commercial system. Once the commercial delivery timeline is set for your area we will reach out and allow you to convert your intent into a pre-order.

Early Access: Getting on the early access list means you will be considered as one of our limited commercial release candidates and potentially have the opportunity to purchase AutoCart for 2018 Harvest. It requires a $3,250 (10%) deposit towards the purchase of a system. The deposit is 100% refundable until June 1st 2018. Full payment will be requested upon conversion to an order or before delivery. We will work down the early access list, as received and work to fulfill as many orders as possible for the 2018 harvest season. Depending on machinery type, supplies, and location, delivery in 2018 cannot be guaranteed.

The Smart Ag kit for AutoCart comes with the following:

  1. SmartHP $25,000 (Automation kit for tractor which includes all connection harnesses, equipment, hardware, and installation instructions to automated the tractor for use with a grain cart or other equipment in the future)
  2. SmartNX $5,000 (Hardware to connect your combine or any other machine to the cloud and any tractor with SmartHP)
  3. AutoCart Software Application. $2,500/yr or $10,000/5yr (This is the interface used in the combine to control the grain cart tractor)
  4. AAVI Autonomous Farming Platform. Free (This is the overall farm, field and machinery management platform for autonomous farming)

Please select Standard Access (No Deposit) or Early Access (Deposit Required) clicking below.

Standard Access Early Access