SmartHP makes your horse power intelligent regardless of the form or color it comes in. It is the main “brain” which allows virtually any machine to be automated.


SmartNX is a powerful tool which allows any manned machine to be hosted on the AAVI platform and work with unmanned machines.


AutoCart allows you to operate a driverless grain cart tractor from the cab of the combine.

Who We Are


Our vision at Smart Ag is to Enable Perfect Operation of farm equipment we believe it all starts by unlocking
the potential of farmer not the acre, not the seed, and not the plant.

In our opinion, the smartest way to solve the huge worldwide challenge of feeding a fast growing population is to empower farmers to complete operations faster, more consistently and with less labor than ever before, we believe they can unlock the potential of the land better than anyone else. With the correct tools, technology and knowledge, farms can do the seemingly impossible.

Our goal is to give farmers the technology to operate smarter and eliminate the choice between what is best for their farm and constraints like available labor, brands of equipment or the cost of larger machinery. That is why our first product AutoCart can be used with an operator in the grain cart tractor or autonomously and is compatible with any brand or combination of brands of equipment. It also provides reliable, consistent performance all day and night long.

Colin Hurd

Founder and CEO

Colin graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Agriculture Business. After founding a company in 2013 called Agriculture Concepts he developed a revolutionary planting product called TrackTill® and shortly after added an additional product called CADEN Edge. After successfully growing sales to over $1.5 Million, Agriculture Concepts licensed the TrackTill® product line to Yetter Manufacturing and exited the distribution contract for CADEN Edge. Shortly after exiting Agriculture Concepts Colin founded Smart Ag to solve farm labor scarcity problems.

Mark Barglof

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Mark graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Graduate Certificate in Agronomy. Mark served as an Infantry Officer in the US Army and deployed to Iraq as a platoon leader with the 25th Infantry Division. After leaving the Army, Mark worked as a Program Manager at Rockwell Collins responsible for data link technologies for miniature UAV’s and mesh network technologies used by the US military. Mark began his experience in agriculture in 2008 when he was a program manager and eventually an engineering manager for John Deere working on it’s telematics products. Recently, Mark was the manager of software engineering at Ag Leader. In addition to his industry experience Mark is also a corn and soybean farmer in North Central Iowa.

Quincy Milloy

Autonomous Vehicle Engineer

Quincy is a former ISU electronics engineering student and began his career early working for Rowe Electronics. He is an expert in telemetry, GPS positioning, remote monitoring and control of equipment, ag hardware design and machine to machine mesh networking. One of his previous projects was developing and manufacturing a cloud based remote monitoring system for DuPont’s cellulose ethanol harvest. This system was developed in collaboration with ISU and has been implemented on the 100’s of tractors used during the stover harvest every year.

Andrew Johnson

Autonomous Vehicle Engineer

Andrew is a Computer Engineering graduate from Iowa State University. He has spent the last 4 years developing web based user interfaces and has gained a lot of industry experience building applications for a variety of purposes. His proficiency and knowledgeable with Smart Ag’s architecture which makes him the leading engineer for our cloud based user platform AAVI.

Paul Hovey

Autonomous Vehicle Engineer

Paul is an ISU graduate and previously worked at American Megatrends as a BIOS Engineer where he worked on integrating Intel's Bios on new hardware platforms.

Thomas Antony

Autonomous Vehicle Engineer

Thomas has a PHD from Purdue University in Aerospace Engineering. He has experience in building advanced path planning systems for unmanned vehicles, GPU acceleration, systems design and engineering, and leveraging advanced computational architectures for mission design involving large dynamic systems.